Hey everyone just a quick update. I’m sure you all are still wondering where our new location will be. We are working on finalizing plans for our new space and will let you when we get the final okay! We are hoping this will be later this week so stay tuned!

We have officially started cleaning out our current space. We ask that you please come down and retrieve any items you have left at the space. If you have a locker please retrieve your items this week. If your locker is not cleaned out by next week Monday (August 25th), we will cut the lock and remove anything left inside.

As far as cleaning is going, we have begun to tag some of the larger things in the space. If there is an orange-red dot on the item, it has been flagged to be dumped. If you want something, take it while you can. Anything that is not tagged will be moving with us to the new space (do not take these items unless you have agreed to help us store them).

Right now there are serveral piles around the space:

  • The pile closest to the door (under the calendar) is all trash or e-waste. Feel free to pick through this. We will need help transporting anything that is not electronic to the dumpster. Mike has graciously volunteered to dispose of the e-waste for us on the weekend.
  • The pile in front of the lockers, on the treadmill desk, is flagged to be dumped (this pile should have orange-red dots). If you want anything from this pile please take it soon. The treadmill desk itself belongs to BoxJelly, do not take this!
  • The pile against the wall, behind the 3D printer table, will be taken with us to the new space. There is a cardboard box that says “HICAP” and a few other items there like a shelf. Please do not take anything from this area. We will be moving it with us.
  • There is a box overflowing with books in front of the snack area (ask Jesse to point you in the right direction). Feel free to dig through this box and see if you want anything. These books will not be taken with us. We have already selected the ones that will be moved and have placed them in our “HICAP” box.
  • There are two piles under the 3D printer table. Please do not touch these. These are for specific people and they will be coming down to retrieve them soon.

We are also trying to sell our large wood table. We would like to use the funds to buy more functional furniture or other things we need for the new space. If you know of anyone that is interested in making an offer on the table, please get them in touch with either Ed or myself.

The space will be in a state of disarray until we leave so don’t mind the mess! The 3D printer will remain there for now, so feel free to come down and use it. We will try to keep the table area clear so people may continue to use the space.

We will update again when we get final word on our new location! We will also post periodic updates to keep you informed on when the current space will be shutting down and when things are being moved out. If you have any questions feel free to contact us or find us on our Facebook page.


Hey everyone, we have some big news to share.

HICapacity will be moving to a new space!

The details are still forthcoming and we will be updating everyone as they arise. What we do know for sure is that we need to be out of our current space by September 1st, which is coming up fast! We are trying our hardest to minimize the amount of downtime for our members but we do need your help cleaning up the space and moving things over to the new space.

Here is a list of things we need help with:

  • If anyone is available to help move things or to help temporarily store some items at their homes, we would be grateful.
  • We are planning to organize a clean-up day to pack up and move things out. If you are willing to help, let us know!
  • If you have left anything at the space, we advise that you stop by soon and pick it up. We are planning to get rid of a lot of things during the move so if you’ve left anything at the space, please pick it up if you don’t want it to be potentially discarded.
  • If you currently have a locker in the space please come down and take your items home with you for safekeeping. We don’t yet know if we will be moving the lockers to the new location.

It is going to be a crazy next few weeks but stay tuned!


Hey everyone, this is just a quick note that the BoxJelly will be shutting down today (Thursday Aug, 7th) at 2pm. They will be closed until Sunday and will provide another update on Sunday as to what will be happening next week. Check for updates on their Facebook page. This also means that HICapacity will be closed and will not reopen until the BoxJelly does. If you need anything from the space please retrieve it before 2pm today. Please note that equipment and boxes have been moved off the floor because of flooding concerns. You will not be able to work in the HICap area as all desk and table surfaces are now covered in equipment.

Stay safe everyone and we’ll see you next week!